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Pot holder "Meta-Absinthe nr. 5"

Katrin Valgemäe

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  • The pot holder is handmade in Estonia
  • Upper side: 100% polyester
  • The other side is a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester
  • Wash at 40 degrees
  • Size: D 23 cm
  • The price of 45€ includes one pot holder
  • Transport included in the price

Pot Holders "Meta-Absinthe" that are not only Practical Accessories but Also Statement Pieces!

Meta-Absinthe is a fusion of "today's absinthe," which is the excessive glamour of (sochial) media, and Eduard Wiiralt's "Absinthe Drinkers".
Our everyday visuals are flooded with "beautiful pictures" and "good life," but when we start delving deeper, where do its roots reach? What dependencies are hidden within us, and what are we trying to cover them up with?

Let these pieces remind you to savor life's little moments and find beauty in the everyday. Because, after all, who says functional can't also be fabulous? 🌟