About me

Katrin Valgemäe (born 1979) is a freelance artist living and working in Tallinn. Valgemäe has studied painting and ceramics at Estonian Academy of Arts and furthered her skills at the painting department of Art Academy of Latvia.

Valgemäe's works are somehow irrational, not in technique, but in some psychological way. At first sight, they are beautiful, decorative and well painted. But after a while, more layers reveal the intriguing underlying storylines. The depicted figures are often classically painted beautiful women, who simultaneously express menacing grotesqueness. The technical sensuousness of the figures keeps the viewer on the fine line between attraction and repulsion.



Education MA

2016— .......  Estonian Academy of Arts, Department of Painting
2017— 2018 Estonian Academy of Arts, Department of Ceramics, foreign exchange programme

Education BA

2010 - 2015  Estonian Academy of Arts, Department of Painting, BA
2012 - 2013  Art Academy of Latvia, painting. Erasmus exchange student
2004 - 2009  Tallinn College of Tallinn University of Technology, Economics, BA

Solo Exhibitions

2022 "Estonian Preacher" Castellan House Gallery, Tallinn
2021 "16 Round Princesses" in Staapli Gallery, Estonia
2017  "Paranoia in an Art Hall", Gallery 3,14, Estonia
2016  "I Am Romantic at Heart, But Life Has Gone Trivial", Rakvere Theater, Estonia
2016  Solo show, during the BALTOSCANDAL festival, Rakvere Theater, Estonia
2013  "Stranger" in Draakon Gallery, Estonia
2012  "One Story" in Draakon Gallery, Estonia

Group Exhibitions

2022  "Sea" HAA Gallery,  Rantakasarmi, Suomenlinna

2021  "Impulse" 6th Tallinn Drawing Triennial, ARS

2021  "Park and City", Plaza Gallery, Estonia
2020  "WOMAN.REPLACEMENT BODY", Gallery Noorus, Estonia
2020  "Triennial Inside Biennial", Gallery 3,14, Estonia
2019  "La Grande Bellezza", Pärnu City Gallery and Tallinn Art Space 
2018  "Naked. Woman in Estonian ArtScene", Gallery 3,14, Estonia
2018  "
EST.ETHICAL?", MONA The Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia​
2017  "The Wall of Shame", Gallery 3,14, Estonia
2016  "Bedroom Paintings", Gallery Kопли, Estonia
2016  "LABYRINTH", Pärnu City Gallery, Estonia
2016  "Tallinn Makes Tartu", Tartu Jakobi Gallery, Estonia
2015  "Liquid" Autumn Exhibition, depot in Balti Jaam, Estonia
2015  "Master and Margarita" Pärnu City Gallery, Estonia
2015  Estonian Modern Painting in Modern Art of Pärnu, Estonia
"Liquid" Spring Exhibition, Pääsküla garage, Estonia
2013  Christmas Show 2013, Young Blood Gallery, Cologne
2011  OpenArtists'Studios, Tallinn 2011, European Capital of Culture 2011, Estonia
2011  Tase 11, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia