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14.12.2023 Ramiro Camelo An interview with Tallinn-based artist Katrin Valgemäe “Queens of Chaos”, a solo exhibition by Tallinn-based artist Katrin Valgemäe, opens at Myymälä 2 in Helsinki on December 17. Valgemäe is an unconventional painter who defies convention. Her art devises an idyllic parodic universe built through a playful conscious eccentricity, which is the basis of her laid-back pictorial style. Valgemäe talks with the exhibition’s curator, Ramiro Camelo, about her troubled memories during the Soviet occupation, the agitated lifestyle in 90s Tallinn, and the inspiration behind her Myymälä 2 exhibition. Hello, Katrin. It’s a bit of a cliché, but – let’s start from...

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