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16 Round Princesses

Posted by Katrin Valgemäe on


16 round princesses


The artist Katrin Valgemäe herself has said that self-portrait plays an important role in her work: “I paint / analyse my life through humour. My grandmother, my mother, me, and my daughter are a line of women that I am trying to change so that my daughter does not end up making the same mistakes as our previous women. I've been a princess all my life, and being a princess is still a big part of my life. My childhood dream was of a great whipped cream-like dress and the eternal happy love that was part of that dress. In hindsight, I don't know which was more important, the dress or the love behind that dress and, more importantly, where did I get such a dream from - from my mother, from fairytales? It's amazing how far actually "happily ever after" in my life happened to go. It’s the illusion bubble. There is only one thing that makes a person unhappy, and that is when the idea of life in our head does not match the real situation.”